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Hi! I am Seto van Boxtel, a designer and artist currently based in West Florida.


I started creating designs for art and web designs when I was young, falling in love with all things whimsical and fantastical early on. I am passionate about the world both seen and unseen around us, the small nuances where dreams are  hiding, and how they can come into the world we see.  I work with concept art, design, video games, animations and more.


I can often be found working on my ideas for video games and costumes, enjoying the company of animals or hanging out with my friends and family finding cool and inspiring places!  You will find my love for animals, magic, and cultures throughout a lot of my work.  I work to ensure I have a diverse range to go with any style.


Starting in the craft and quilting business


In late 2015 I was given the opportunity to work with my aunt Ricky van Well from "Quilters Dream" in England to come up with a cool line of products and some fun redwork designs for their 2016 class schedule.  This is where I began working toward making a full line of designs.


The start of 2016 marks the opening of my own studio for art and craft design works, starting with redworks, patterns and quilt labels.  

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