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Fun for all in the form of books and crafts!

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Tiny Scenes Series

Tiny Scenes and Patterns   [1]


The first in the Tiny Scenes Series of coloring books designed for adults and coloring enthusiasts- with little scenes for anyone who likes to color, relax, and have a piece of art they can relate to. This coloring book features calm scenes from nautical sailboats to rolling farm hills. Enjoy both white page versions and black page versions of every image. Color from Darkest to Lightest on the black paper, or add neon color, for added fun.

Note: Although the pages are not actually designed for wet media, if you wish to use markers or paints to color you can use some paper behind the image you are using to prevent bleed.

Coloring Inspiration

Need Inspiration for coloring?  Here are some examples of images that are in my coloring books!

Try using different media for the Black Pages- Chalk, Pastels, Glitter pens. 

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