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May and June seem to have been left to the wayside here on my blog. I was getting my shop together, developing new ideas and then I went on a vacation overseas to see my family, and handeling the backseat elections of Mautzy van Mauburg and Anja van Barkingstein. I got some great inspiration in Germany and England.

I got to see Quilters Dream in person and get the awesome Row by Row designed by Ricky and Janet. ( ) If you are near Andover stop in and check them out, enjoy their shop, and get the row by row! I think I might start designing Row Patterns for fun now. I look forward to seeing how their row fits with the ones I find in the shops nearby.

Now I am back and have been working on new ideas. Making new designs for my quilt labels, and hopefully this month the new embroidery patterns I have been designing will be up on my etsy shop. I also plan to start selling my artwork there soon.

Also on the docket is the designing of a couple fabric lines based on my embroidery to submit, books and the video game project I am working on with my amazing team. Not busy at all! :)

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