Seto Designs in 2017

For the Love of Labels

This year I will be working to get my craft label collections into stores across the US. Hopefully this will pan out and crafters everywhere will be able to see them in quilt shops nearby!

I will be streamlining them to a better size and in keeping with more fun designs for it. This does mean that the current ones I have left in stock in their original sizes will be the legacy format! I will update the linesheets on the For The Love of Labels page when that's ready.


In 2016 I had my original art placed into an art gallery for the first time ever! This shop is Olio Art and Gift Gallery in Marianna, FL. Check it out, Olio has a lot of other really talented artists to show.

I am going to continue to make new pieces that I can place for sale in galleries as well as work on prints for my etsy shop. I have also added my art portfolio to my website! Check out some of my fantasy based pieces here.

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